Asking your intuition about your toothache meaning can put you in touch with the subconscious feelings and thoughts that influence your oral health.

  • Is there something you’re not talking about in your life?
  • What are your stress levels day-to-day at the moment?
  • Are you harboring any unhealed emotional traumas?

These are just some of the questions you can ask yourself in order to find the spiritual meaning of your toothache.

The key is to get curious, and then trust where your intuition takes you.

One way to tune in to find your signal amongst the noise is through stilling the mind through grounding practices or meditation and then, with relaxed curiosity just explore what thoughts and questions come to mind.

The role of intuition in oral health

Intuition plays a significant role in my holistic teeth healing coaching practice.

Since my own experience of dramatically healing my own teeth eight years ago, I have read widely about alternative approaches to dental health.  I’ve experimented with myself, then friends and family, and eventually I started sharing my knowledge with clients.

When working with clients I not only draw on my years of research and experience, I will also allow my intuition to guide my recommendations.

In practice, this means a few minutes of quiet meditation before the session starts. I try to set aside my ego and open myself so that I can respond to your toothache and its possible meanings.

I listen not only to what you say but also what you don’t say. I respond not only to what I know but what you know, even if you aren’t consciously aware that you know it yet.

Tuning into your intuition

More importantly, I encourage you to learn to tune into your own intuition around what your teeth and gums need.

If you already have ways of listening to your intuition we will work with those.

If not, I often encourage meditation and/or journalling as a starting point.

Try listening to your body- the twinges, the nausea, the aches, and the pleasures.

You might be surprised at the ideas that come to you when you allow yourself space to tune in to your intuition for your mouth, or you might think ‘of course!’

Asking your intuition about your toothache meaning can put you in touch with the subconscious feelings and thoughts that influence your oral health.


Spiritual Meaning to Your Toothache? Holistic Tooth Fairy
The Secret Lives of Teeth

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Or why dental problems sometimes rise and fall with stress?

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Metaphysical influences

The metaphysics of the mouth can also include meridians, chakras, dreams, ancestral influences, family and cultural stories, popular culture, emotions, and mindset.

In order to tune in and find your signal, amongst the noise, I encourage you to still your mind with relaxed curiosity.

Thoughts and feelings are among the metaphysical influences on the health of adults teeth and gums.

Many of us have been disempowered (or worse traumatised), by past dental experiences.

We carry feelings of helplessness, pain, grief, shame, and fear that affect our body’s ability to heal itself naturally.

We often have difficulty identifying, let alone communicating to dentists, what our boundaries and personal priorities are for our own bodies.

So what is the Spiritual Meaning of Your Toothache?

The symptoms you experience in your teeth and gums draw attention to any areas in your life that aren’t in alignment with your highest good or life purpose.  

The truth about every one of us is that we are a beautiful, bright shining manifestation of the Universe (or God, or Life, or Love- whatever you like to call it). 

The human condition means we don’t always feel like that though. Nature and nurture, ancestry and environment, free will, and systemic oppression all conspire to divert us from embodying our essential truth consistently.

One of the roles played by your teeth and gums is to let you know when you should stop settling for…

  • less than nourishing food,
  • jaw-tightening stress levels,
  • carelessly harmful hygiene habits,
  • unfulfilling work or
  • unhealed emotional traumas (to name just a few possibilities).

Intuition and your dentist

Trusting your intuition may mean:

  • requesting tests,
  • getting a second opinion from another dentist, or
  • consulting a complementary therapist
  • exploring new ways of eating, or cleaning your teeth, or holding your jaw.

What does your intuition tell you now about your oral health?

Check out Listen to your Teeth, my free Masterclass which explains more about metaphysical influences on oral health, and includes a guided meditation to tune into your own intuitive wisdom.


Now you've found the spiritual meaning of your teeth... what's next?

Give your teeth an energetic boost with Energy Floss. It's a quick energy balancing self care practice that works with your teeth meridians. Follow a simple selection process to tailor Energy Floss to meet your individual oral health needs.

Has a dentist told you that your cavities or receding gums are your fault because you are drinking too much Coke, you don’t floss enough or you need to stop breastfeeding your baby? And you know that isn’t true!

I’m a natural oral health coach and I'm not going to blame you or shame you.
The underlying causes of your oral health issues are not your fault!

Nature or nurture, ancestry or environment, free will or systemic oppression, unconscious emotions or the degraded food system are the factors that make your teeth and gums vulnerable to disease.

Even though your tooth decay and gum disease is not your fault, it is within your power to change.

I can help you to turn your oral health around with natural strategies, healthy habits and intuitive insights. 

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