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As the Holistic Tooth Fairy I want to empower you to become your own holistic teeth healer.

That’s why I’m so choosy about my recommendations.

I am affiliated with a very limited range of partners that share two things in common.

1.  They all expand rather than limit your choices.

2. I use them myself because of the good value they offer. 

If you choose to buy anything after clicking through one of these partnership links, I may receive a payment. Win Win!

Book Depository

I encourage you to do your own research into holistic teeth healing, and all my book recommendations link to the Book Depository where your paper book choices are almost unlimited.

My recommended reading list includes:

Cure Tooth Decay

Cure Gum Disease Naturally

Whole Body Dentistry

Holistic Dental Care

Nourishing Traditions

Alternatives to Dentists

For anyone who is serious about herbalism or self-reliance, I highly recommend The Grow Network’s ‘Alternatives to Dentists‘ video course where you can learn how to identify, harvest, prepare and use a variety of natural remedies.  This excellent short course includes

  • How to heal cavities with herbs
  • How to treat abscesses, naturally without needles or trauma
  • How to heal cracked and chipped teeth
  • How to nourish your teeth from the inside out
  • How to reduce tooth sensitivity – naturally
  • How to identify and correct vulnerable teeth.


In general I recommend getting your teeth healing nutrients from real food rather than supplements. However, If you are looking for teeth and gum supporting herbs or other products, my recommendations link to i-Herb where you can choose from many different brands.

Note: I am not, and will not ever choose to be, affiliated with an MLM company promoting any one particular brand of products.

Please don’t ask me to join your MLM.


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