Healing teeth & gums naturally doesn’t have to be hard

and you don’t have to do it alone

Holistic Tooth Fairy coaching is a holistic approach that supports your body to express it’s natural capacity to remineralise enamel, regrow bone and regenerate tissues.

Use natural and self-help strategies to:

Improve your teeth

– You may be able to save your tooth from a filling, root canal or extraction.

– Learn how to nourish and energize your teeth, take the pressure off your nerves and address emotional blocks to healing.

-Within the first couple of weeks, most people find relief from pain and sensitivity.

– Small cavities, cracks or chips may remineralize within a few months, larger cavities take longer.

 – Teeth may feel stronger and firmer plus look whiter and more opaque within a few months.

Improve your gums

– You may be able to save your gums from deep cleaning or surgery and stabilize loose teeth.

–  Learn how to nourish and energise your gums, drain blockages and address emotional blocks to healing.

– Bleeding and sensitivity may stop within a few weeks as gums start to look pinker and feel firmer.

– Gum pocket depth may reduce within a few months and in some cases, receding gums can actually regrow.

– Inflammation or infection may heal gradually over the first year.

Here’s how we help you

save your teeth or gums with bespoke personal coaching

We offer specialized holistic oral health coaching to focus on what your mouth needs, including nutritional, hygiene and jaw relaxation strategies, while also addressing the underlying metaphysical influences on your oral health.

We work with adults who want an effective and holistic approach to healing their own teeth and gums.


Coaching packages

  • For when you have serious or chronic oral health issues
  • Develop personalized protocols with nutrition, hygiene, oral posture and metaphysical healing strategies
  • Packages include 2, 4, or 6 1:1 video calls (60 mins) for up to a year plus ongoing email support and accountability
  • Investment $620-$1750 AUD 
  • Book a free 15 minute assessment call to find out which coaching package is a good fit for you


Single sessions


  • For when you have a dental emergency or a quick question
  • Focus on practical problem-solving, making confident decisions and ensuring uncomplicated outcomes
  • Urgent Support (60 minutes 1:1 video calls with 1 week email support for $415 AUD)
  •  Quick Questions (30 minutes stand alone 1:1 video call for $160 AUD)


Email-only coaching

  • For when you read/write English better than you speak it
  • Asynchronous coaching session by email only, with each of us reading and replying in our own time.
  • Send as many emails as you want, at any time and I will reply within 48 hours.
  • Investment from $300 AUD


Astrological insights add-on

  • For when you want guidance about the timing of a dental procedure or to learn about the astrological influences on your oral health
  • Add astrological insights to any coaching call or email 
  • You’ll need to provide your birth date, time and location
  • Investment $50 AUD when you book your session

What our coaching clients say…

Let’s work together

Holistic Tooth Fairy coaches offer a unique combination of nutritional, hygiene and jaw relaxation strategies your mouth needs, together with intuitive energy healing to address the underlying metaphysical influences on your oral health.

Holistic Tooth Fairy coaches don’t have professional dental backgrounds –
(unless you count the many hours -and thousands of dollars- spent as dental patients).

Meliors Simms ‘a therapist for teeth’

After a diverse career (from policy to counselling to arts) and a lifetime of terrible teeth, I stumbled on a nutritional approach that prevented what would have been my 7th root canal.

That inspired years of independent research and experimentation, eventually resulting in my uniquely holistic approach to oral health. the Holistic Tooth Fairy Way.

These days I mostly work with clients who want to turn around their chronic or severely acute oral health issues such as abscesses, deep cavities or root canals.

As well as a diverse toolkit of practical, flexible strategies for nutrition, hygiene and jaw tension, I also address the influences of emotional patterns and systemic oppression on your teeth and gums with intuitive, collaborative, strength-based and trauma-informed coaching.

Is holistic oral health coaching right for you?

No matter how bad your teeth have been in the past or how much trouble they are giving you now, we can help you manage a current issue, make informed decisions about dental interventions and get you set up with sustainable habits that really work.

Our coaching is for health-focused, self-responsible adults who feel let down by ‘ambulance at the bottom of the cliff’ dental experiences.

Holistic teeth health coaching gives you:

– skills to naturally heal existing teeth and gum problems
– sustainable habits to prevent tooth decay and gum disease for the rest of your life
– confidence to make informed decisions about dental procedures
– understanding of your unique underlying influences and whole body connections.

Holistic teeth health coaching can help you to:

– relieve toothache pain and sensitivity
– remineralize small cavities (and sometimes large ones)
– stabilize (and sometimes restore) receding gums
– safely and sustainably whiten teeth
– straighten crooked or collapsing teeth

After a holistic teeth healing session you will feel:


Turn your oral health around with natural strategies and healthy habits

Make a commitment to healing your teeth and gums

I’ve been looking for someone with the depth and breadth of knowledge that Meliors has, for YEARS! I’m SO excited to have found her!I’m passionate about holistic ways of looking at the body – and that is exactly what Meliors does. I felt so full of joy in our sessions, being able to talk about emotional, historical, metaphysical and meaningful approaches alongside really practical information on diet, supplements, exercises, brushing, flossing, massage and meditation techniques. I so deeply recommend working with Meliors – she is such a delight to talk to and a profound font of wisdom. The main thing that brought me was one of my jaws was dropping on one side after an extraction, which was also making my eye and eyebrow on that side drop, and was affecting my eyesight. Whilst working with Meliors over three months, my face has become almost symmetrical again and my eyesight has returned to normal. I’m so grateful for her work and highly recommend having a block of sessions with her.

Marion Rose PhD

Aware Parenting

Holistic Tooth Fairy coaching complements hands-on dental care

If you are uncertain about a dental decision, we offer an objective outsider’s opinion.

If you’ve been avoiding the dentist, we support you with trauma-informed, empowering, empathetic advice. If you feel disappointed or damaged by a dental experience, we can help you with suitable steps to recovery.

All consultations are by online video, from whatever country and time zone you are in.  Not sure how online video coaching works? Read this simple guide.

My coaching style

We’re not going to blame you or shame you.

The underlying causes of your oral health issues are NOT YOUR FAULT.
Nature or nurture,
ancestry or environment,
 systemic oppression,
unconscious emotions
 the degraded food system

These are all factors that can make your teeth and gums vulnerable to disease.

Even though your tooth decay and gum disease is not your fault, it is within your power to change.

What about your vegan diet/breastfeeding baby/severely advanced symptpoms/chronic health condition?

Book a free 15 minute video call to discuss best coaching option for your needs.

‘I first contacted Meliors about my receding gums when I was told that the condition could not be reversed and I may need surgery down the track. I followed the personalised protocol Meliors developed for me and the healing of my gums has blown my mind. I never dreamt I could heal, let alone regrow, my gums as quickly as I have under her guidance.

Meliors was so easy to work with and her knowledge was exceptional. I also loved that everything in her protocol was very affordable, easy to access and super easy to follow.
Meliors’s passion for what she does really shines and she genuinely cares for you and your teeth. I will always grateful for for giving me confidence and knowledge not only for my own teeth but my whole family’s as well.

- Michelle Hunt

Still not sure whether an investment in coaching is what your mouth needs?

Get a taste of Meliors’ approach in the FREE ‘Listen to your Teeth‘ masterclass and guided meditation.