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Forgive your teeth

Offer your teeth forgiveness, love and gratitude.

This meditation is the just the right length to listen to while you brush your teeth.

Listen every day to help lift feelings of anxiety or disappointment with the health of your teeth, how they look, or dental procedures you regret.

Tooth extraction meditation

No one wants to lose a tooth, but when an extraction is necessary, you can choose to experience it as a portal for transformational healing.

Hear the words in this meditation as though you are speaking directly to the tooth that you need to release or have already lost.

Explore the dark cave of your mouth

A guided visualisation to help you understand the metaphysical influences on your oral health.

Close your eyes, relax, and be guided to meet the essence (or energy) of the part of your mouth that most needs your attention right now.

Healing space meditation

Ease dental fears and gain clarity about your symptoms.

Relax in a beautiful space designed to support complete oral health.

Meet with the essence of those teeth or gums which have given you concern and learn what your body needs you to understand.

Forgive your gums

Your gums thrive on love, forgiveness and appreciation!

Listen to this short meditation while you floss gently and mindfully.

If you rush through flossing or your gums bleed when you floss try incorporating this meditation into your daily oral hygiene routine.

Remineralization Visualization

Visualise decay and cavities reversing with soothing and detailed imagery. 

Address issues from discolored teeth to wear and tear from grinding or clenching your jaw, decay or cavities, toothache, sensitivity, or weak enamel.

Unclench your teeth

You’ve woken in the night clenching or grinding your teeth or perhaps with a toothache or a sore jaw.

Let my voice soothe you back to sleep with your jaw completely relaxed.

Take the pressure off of your teeth and gums or relieve TMJ disorder and fall back into a relaxed sleep. Listen with, or without, a night guard in your mouth.


Guided jaw relaxation

Relax your jaw, take the pressure off of your teeth and gums, stop clenching and grinding.

Relieve TMJ disorder, receding gums, cracking or chipping teeth.

Practice before bed to help you to sleep without clenching or grinding your teeth during the night. 

Relax your jaw

Relax your jaw, take the pressure off of your teeth and gums, stop clenching and grinding.

Relieve TMJ disorder, receding gums, cracking or chipping teeth.

A lightly edited version of the ‘unclench in the night’ relaxation, for meditators with hearing difficulties or who dislike background music. 

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