Teeth For Life Group Program

Restore and maintain strong teeth and

healthy gums for the rest of your life with easy

and effective holistic habits.

Teeth Troubles

Are problems with your teeth and gums holding you back from fulfilling your life potential and soul purpose?

With healthy teeth you can:

Be your best self

Love your body

Enjoy life passionately

Conquer the world

But… for such a small part of your body, teeth can have a huge impact.

It’s hard to focus on your work or study when you feel that niggling awareness that all is not well in your mouth.

Pain keeps you awake at night and distracts you during the day.

Sensitivity gets in the way of enjoying food and drink.

And that’s the least of it, really.

You feel self consciousness

about the color of your enamel,

the length of your gums,

crookedness of your teeth

or the smell of your breath.

You cover your mouth when you talk.

You keep your smiles tight and your laughter suppressed.

You hold back from an affectionate hug or a passionate kiss.

And you worry.

You worry about going to the dentist.

About how to find a dentist you can trustAnd afford.  

How much it will hurt. And how long it will take.

About taking time off work. And finding child care.

All the while wondering how much shame you’ll have to endure.

You worry about whether you’ll have any teeth left in 10 years.

About the slow toxic threat of amalgam fillings and root canals.

About extractions and implants or living with a gap.

You worry about your children and the inexplicable deterioration of their baby teeth.

How holistic strategies help teeth and gums

A whole body approach

Holistic teeth healing is a whole body approach that allows the body to express it’s natural inclination to constantly remineralise enamel, regrow bone and regenerate tissues. Using natural and self-help strategies you can:

  • whiten teeth,
  • halt decay, 
  • repair cavities,
  • restore receding gums,
  • straighten teeth,
  • freshen breath,
  • reduce sensitivity,
  • avoid painful and permanently damaging dental procedures,
  • save thousands of dollars in dental bills
  • keep strong teeth and healthy gums for life.
I’ve been looking for someone with the depth and breadth of knowledge that Meliors has, for YEARS!
I’m SO excited to have found her!
I’m passionate about holistic ways of looking at the body – and that is exactly what Meliors does.
I felt so full of joy in our sessions, being able to talk about emotional, historical, metaphysical and meaningful approaches alongside really practical information on diet, supplements, exercises, brushing, flossing, massage and meditation techniques.
I so deeply recommend working with Meliors – she is such a delight to talk to and a profound font of wisdom.
The main thing that brought me was one of my jaws was dropping on one side after an extraction, which was also making my eye and eyebrow on that side drop, and was affecting my eyesight. Whilst working with Meliors over three months, my face has become almost symmetrical again and my eyesight has returned to normal.
I’m so grateful for her work and highly recommend having a block of sessions with her.
Marion Rose PhD

Mothering Mentor


Become your own holistic teeth healer

Take charge of your own teeth health

You don’t need years of training or specialist skills to heal your own teeth. Most of the holistic teeth healing strategies that I advocate are habits that are easy to introduce into your daily life.

  • Add some delicious teeth healing foods to your diet;
  • Minimize some surprising teeth harming foods;
  • Clean your mouth with minerals, oils, herbs, and a variety of tools and techniques
  • Adjust your bite and relaxing your jaw, neck and face with massage, yoga, meditation, hypnosis, oesteopathy etc;
  • Recognise and work with whole body connections to teeth and gum health including degenerative diseases, difficult to diagnose symptoms and chronic health issues;
  • Recognize and work with genetic and hereditary influences;
  • Address emotional influences through journalling, counselling, EFT, homeopathy, flower essences, kineseology, reiki etc;
  • Minimize or remove toxins from your mouth, body and environment;
  • Overcome dental anxiety, find the right dentist to support your health goals, choose appropriate procedures, prepare your body to have the best possible response to a dental procedure;