Keep strong teeth and healthy gums for the rest of your life with a personalised response to your oral health challenges

Are problems with your teeth and gums holding you back
from fulfilling your life potential and soul purpose?`

Is pain keeping you awake at night and distracting you during the day?

Is sensitivity getting in the way of enjoying food and drink?

Do you feel self-conscious about smiling or laughing?

With healthy teeth you can, smile, laugh and enjoy food again.

Here’s how the Holistic Tooth Fairy Way can help you…

A whole-person approach

Holistic teeth healing is a whole-person approach that allows your body to express its natural inclination to constantly remineralize enamel, regrow bone and regenerate tissues. Using natural and self-help strategies you may be able to:

– Relieve pain and sensitivity
– Avoid fillings, root canals or extractions
– Remineralize cavities
– Whiten teeth
– Reduce gum pockets
– Reverse receding gums
– Heal gum disease

Coaching packages with Meliors

Stabilise and reverse chronic oral health issues including rececding gums,  frequent toothaches, constant cavities, or persistant infections. Avoid unnecessary dental interventions and ensure positive outcomes with necessary treatment.

Work with Meliors with two or more sessions (one hour each) to tailor a complete healing protocol personalised to your needs, preferences and circumstances.

Register now to watch the Holistic Tooth Fairy’s FREE online workshop recording on how to maintain oral health at home. Learn how to:

  • Prevent dental emergencies with teeth & gum nourishing foods, herbs and supplements
  • Protect your gums by fine tuning your oral hygiene habits 
  • Relieve jaw tension to avoid breaking enamel or fillings
  • Do your own oral health self assessments to identify any issues
  • Evaluate whether an issue needs a dentist urgently or can wait
  • Manage issues with holistic home remedies until normal dental services resume

About Meliors

Meliors Simms started the Holistic Tooth Fairy in 2017 as an online oral health coaching service to support people all over the world to prevent and heal tooth decay and gum disease for more positive dental experiences and outcomes.

Meliors’ unique approach to oral health, the Holistic Tooth Fairy Way, is truly holistic, incorporating both physical and metaphysical healing strategies.  Meliors applies her intuitive understanding of the emotional, energetic, psychological and spiritual influences on teeth and gums.

Meliors offers strength-based, trauma-informed, culturally responsive, individual coaching. Every coaching client gets a uniquely personalised protocol of healthy habits tailored to your needs, circumstances and preferences. All her coaching is via Zoom video calls so she can meet you at home wherever you are, in any time zone.

Quick tips

Add some delicious teeth healing foods to your diet;

Minimize some surprising teeth harming foods;

Clean your mouth with minerals, oils, herbs, and a variety of tools and techniques

Adjust your bite and relax your jaw, neck, and face with massage, yoga, meditation, hypnosis, osteopathy, etc;

Recognise and work with whole body connections to teeth and gum health including degenerative diseases, difficult to diagnose symptoms and chronic health issues;

Recognise and work with genetic influences;

Address emotional influences through journalling, counseling, EFT, homeopathy, flower essences, kinesiology, reiki, etc;

Minimize or remove toxins from your mouth, body, and environment;

Overcome dental anxiety, find the right dentist to support your health goals, choose appropriate procedures, prepare your body to have the best possible response to a dental procedure;

Your teeth are alive
Your teeth are alive

Working with Meliors was such a treat and right on time! l appreciated the attention to detail and support I received in her sessions! I loved the therapeutic vibe and counseling above all, it brought the root cause to my attention, which lined up with my personal and spiritual journey. Highly recommend booking her for all your dental needs! My results when I went back for another dental evaluation were like night and day. My gums had no sign of disease at all! I’m very grateful and thank God for her!

- Shaina Stone

Become Your Own Holistic Teeth Healer

Take charge of your own teeth health.
You don’t need years of training or specialist skills to heal your own teeth.
Your mouth is unique and that’s why you need a personalised response
to your oral health challenges.

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