Natural approaches for teeth and gum relief; making dental decisions.

Teeth healing foods

Eat foods that cure and prevent tooth decay and gum disease.

Oral hygiene habits

Healthy products and techniques for daily oral self care that really works.


One-to-one coaching and mentoring for sustainable  teeth and gum health.

Welcome to Alt-Oral

  • You know a lot about holistic health,and you take good care of your body… but you are not 100% happy with your teeth and gums.
  • You brush, you floss, maybe even oil pull… still, you would like whiter, straighter, stronger teeth and stable, fuller, healthier gums.
  • You’ve worked with complementary healers who have empowered you to flourish in body and soul… yet your dental visits often feel dis-empowering.
  • You’ve heard about people having mercury fillings replaced and old root canals removed… and you think that might be what you need, but you aren’t sure where to start.
  • You are curious about their body’s natural ability to heal teeth and are open-minded about how environmental and emotional influences might be contributing factors.

How holistic strategies help teeth and gums

A whole body approach

Holistic teeth healing is a whole body approach that allows the body to express it’s natural inclination to constantly remineralise enamel, regrow bone and regenerate tissues. Using natural and self-help strategies you can:

  • whiten teeth,
  • halt decay, 
  • repair cavities,
  • restore receding gums,
  • straighten teeth,
  • freshen breath,
  • reduce sensitivity,
  • avoid painful and permanently damaging dental procedures,
  • save thousands of dollars in dental bills
  • keep strong teeth and healthy gums for life.


Become your own holistic teeth healer

Take charge of your own teeth health

You don’t need years of training or specialist skills to heal your own teeth. Most of the holistic teeth healing strategies that I advocate are habits that are easy to introduce into your daily life.

  • Add some delicious teeth healing foods to your diet;
  • Minimize some surprising teeth harming foods;
  • Clean your mouth with minerals, oils, herbs, and a variety of tools and techniques
  • Adjust your bite and relaxing your jaw, neck and face with massage, yoga, meditation, hypnosis, oesteopathy etc;
  • Recognise and work with whole body connections to teeth and gum health including degenerative diseases, difficult to diagnose symptoms and chronic health issues;
  • Recognize and work with genetic and hereditary influences;
  • Address emotional influences through journalling, counselling, EFT, homeopathy, flower essences, kineseology, reiki etc;
  • Minimize or remove toxins from your mouth, body and environment;
  • Overcome dental anxiety, find the right dentist to support your health goals, choose appropriate procedures, prepare your body to have the best possible response to a dental procedure;