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Hello I’m Meliors, the Holistic Tooth Fairy

Do you remember your first major dental work?

Mine was a root canal at age 17. 

Looking back, I can see that it wasn’t just caused by my adolescent diet of chocolate and orange juice, but also the dislocation of leaving my home town and travelling rough for months at a time.

By my early twenties, I had a somewhat settled lifestyle and a much more wholesome diet, but for the following decades, I was plagued with constant cavities, toothaches, sensitivity and another FIVE root canals.

Eventually, I became so traumatized by dentists that I started having panic attacks: in the dental chair, in the waiting room and once under general anaesthetic.

‘It’s not fair’, I would rage, immobilized with pain and handing over all my disposable income to dentists. 

‘I brush and floss every day, I shouldn’t have the worst teeth in the world.’

Then, in July 2012, I was prescribed my seventh root canal and something inside me shifted.

Instead of helplessly accepting the dentist’s advice, I decided to do my own research. I found Ramiel Nagel’s book *Cure Tooth Decay: Heal & Prevent Cavities with Nutrition  and within days of implementing just a few of his dietary recommendations my root canal symptoms settled down completely.

It felt amazing to have found a cure and I wanted more. I gradually started exploring and experimenting with other aspects of holistic teeth healing, beyond the basics of oral hygiene and beyond the bounds of Nagel’s nutritional protocol.

Fast forward to today and I’ve never had that root canal (or any other). 

My teeth have stopped crumbling, chipping and cracking. 

Plaque has no place in my mouth.

I no longer hesitate to eat hot, cold or crunchy foods.

I’ve saved thousands on dental work and I’m proud of my smile.

*This is an affiliate link and if you choose to purchase a book through my link, I may receive a commission. Win win!

I believe every one of us has the capacity to heal our own teeth and gums.

And yet, most people still aren’t aware that it’s a possibility, even if holistic modalities are your first choice for the rest of your body and general health.


I started the Holistic Tooth Fairy in 2017 to spread the word about holistic oral health. 

When it comes to teeth healing I am self-taught and intuitive. I don’t have a dental background (unless you count the many hours -and thousands of dollars- I spent submissively in a dental chair).

However, I have been obsessed with holistic teeth healing for many years of research and experimentation. 

I work with adults who believe that they can heal their own, or their children’s, teeth and gums, given the right resources and support. 

Many of my clients come to me with chronic dental problems that have their roots (pun intended) in old traumas. 

Other clients have acute symptoms flare up for the first time in the context of making (or resisting) a significant life change (anything from new parenthood to immigration to taking leadership).

I also mentor healers, coaches, parents and even dentists who want to support their clients’ or families’ oral health by integrating holistic strategies into their practice.

I’m the kind of Tooth Fairy who helps you to keep your teeth!

I work online with people all over the world who want to heal and prevent tooth decay and gum disease.

I help individuals in intensive coaching to achieve accelerated results by working with the metaphysical influences underlying your symptoms.

Click thebutton below to find out how I could help you.

After seeing many holistic dentists I was FRUSTRATED with how none of them (despite how good and well-meaning they were) could explain to me why and how to prevent the teeth and gum issues I had. I was very lucky to stumble upon Meliors Holistic Tooth Fairy website and sign up for her coaching program.

I am feeling so much better about my mouth right now and have all the golden information and wisdom I need to enjoy my oral health and live well MINUS relying on the dentist to fix everything.

If you want to help yourself and understand how you must seek her coaching. It is revolutionary. I am so happy!

Ilana Sowter, Acupuncturist

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My background

I have a Master of Social Sciences (Public Policy & Public Administration).  My experience includes seven years in customer service, eight years in policy and planning consultations and 15 years of practicing and teaching peer counselling. I’ve been engaged with environmental issues, permaculture and holistic healing for nearly three decades.

I am also an award-winning artist and writer who has been making and exhibiting textile arts and artist’s books since 2004. 

I’m a serial entrepreneur with a number of small businesses under my belt.

Fun Facts

  • I live in Whāingaroa Raglan,  Aotearoa New Zealand, where I can be seen riding my bicycle in all weathers.
  • I love reading feminist science fiction and fantasy novels- my favorite book is Palladin of Souls by Lois McMaster Bujold.
  • I have a three-legged cat called Phryne, named after my favorite fictional detective, the Hon Miss Phyrne Fisher.


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