What is your mouth trying to tell you…

with its tooth decay, jaw clenching
or gum recession?

You’ve tried the fancy toothpastes, the expensive dentists (maybe even a weird diet) but your mouth is still keeping you awake at night, saying ‘there must be another way’.

You know in your heart that there must be more you can do for your own oral health, but you also know you can’t do it all by yourself.

So why would a Holistic Tooth Fairy help resolve your immediate symptoms and prevent future ones, when nothing else has really stuck?

I have been in your shoes

I remember the sinking feeling of dread when yet another toothache starts throbbing… again.

I remember panic attacks in the dental chair and regret dental procedures that I was too afraid to refuse.

I remember the sense of overwhelm when searching for an alternative to another bout with the dental drill.

Most of all, I remember not being sure that anything could REALLY work for a never-ending cycle of tooth decay.

That’s why I started the Holistic Tooth Fairy in 2017, as an online oral health coaching service to support people all over the world to prevent and heal tooth decay and gum disease for more positive dental experiences and outcomes.

Since then hundreds Holistic Tooth Fairy clients have saved hundreds of at-risk teeth, thousands in dental fees and untold hours of pain and distress.

My clients have experienced positive outcomes* that include:

– Fillings avoided and root canals averted
– Cavities remineralized
– Receding gums regrown and gum pocket depths reduced
– Clenching and grinding stopped and nightguards abandoned
– Loose teeth stabilized and jaw bone density increased
– Mouth breathing habits switched to consistent nose breathing
– Dental fears overcome and dental communication improved
– Necessary dental procedures faced with confidence and followed by uncomplicated recovery
– Chronic tooth decay halted and chronic gum inflammation relieved
– Plaque and tartar diminished requiring shorter, less-frequent hygienist cleanings

*Disclaimer: These results were achieved by some, but not all, past clients. I cannot guarantee that anyone else will achieve the same results.

After using Meliors’ holistic strategies for 3 months, my teeth have become much less sensitive, their surface more ‘shiny’ and clean. The dentist was astonished to find a strong healthy layer under the cavity so she could fill it instead of a root canal!

- Kata Hidvegi, Slovakia

I’m the kind of Tooth Fairy who helps
you to keep your teeth!

Meet Meliors Simms, the original Holistic Tooth Fairy

Do you remember your first major dental work?  Mine was a root canal at age 17. Looking back, I can see that it wasn’t just caused by my adolescent diet of chocolate and orange juice, but also the dislocation of leaving home to travel rough for months at a time.

By my early twenties, I had a somewhat settled lifestyle and a much more wholesome diet, but the following decades were plagued with constant cavities, toothaches, sensitivity and another FIVE root canals.  Eventually I became so traumatized by dentists that I started having panic attacks: in the dental chair, in the waiting room and even once under general anesthetic.


‘It’s not fair’, I would rage, immobilized with pain and handing over all my disposable income to dentists. ‘I brush and floss every day, I shouldn’t have the worst teeth in the world.’

Then, in July 2012, I was prescribed my seventh root canal and something inside me shifted.

Instead of helplessly accepting the dentist’s advice, I decided to do my own research. I found Ramiel Nagel’s book Cure Tooth Decay: Heal & Prevent Cavities with Nutrition and within days of implementing just a few of his dietary recommendations my root canal symptoms settled down completely.

It felt amazing to have found a cure and I wanted more. I gradually started exploring and experimenting with other aspects of holistic teeth healing, beyond the basics of oral hygiene and beyond the bounds of Nagel’s nutritional protocol.

Fast forward to today and I’ve never had that root canal (or any other). My teeth stopped crumbling, chipping and cracking. My mouth is very slow to develop tartar buildup. I began to enjoy eating hot, cold and crunchy foods. I saved thousands by avoiding unneeded dental work and I’m proud of my smile.

Book a free assessment call with Meliors to find out if a coaching package is right for your needs.

intuitive & impartial

compassionate & collaborative

Holistic Tooth Fairy’s Vision

I believe that you, and everyone else, were born with the potential to heal your own teeth and gums.

The Holistic Tooth Fairy mission is to help you to identify and harness your innate self-healing abilities and apply them to your oral health symptoms.

I believe your symptoms are the expression of a unique combination of nutritional, lifestyle, ancestral, environmental and/or traumatic root causes.

I know you have always been doing your best with the resources available and I will never blame or shame you for the choices you’ve made.

I know that sustained consistent habits tailored to your individual needs, circumstances and preferences can address the root cause to help you heal faster and more thoroughly than superficial silver bullet products.

I trust that with impartial information (not sales pitches), your intuition can be the best guide to the unique strategies that your teeth and gums need to be healthy.

My mission is to offer a flexible framework; empowering guidance and compassionate collaboration that will equip you to keep your teeth and gums healthy, for the rest of your life.

Is Holistic Tooth Fairy coaching right for you?

The Holistic Tooth Fairy Way is for people looking for a long term solution to resolve your immediate teeth and gum problems AND prevent future troubles. It’s also for parents or practitioners who support others with their oral health issues.

We offer strengths-based, trauma-informed, culturally responsive, individual coaching via video calls.

We meet you on Zoom, at home wherever you are in and in any time zone.

Every coaching client gets a uniquely personalised protocol of healthy habits tailored to your needs, circumstances and preferences, and ongoing support to integrate the lifestyle changes that will help you achieve accelerated results.

The Holistic Tooth Fairy Way is flexible, responsive and complements your regular dental care.

The Holstic Tooth Fairy Way offers a long term solution to help resolve your immediate teeth and gum problems AND prevent future troubles.

The Secret Lives of Teeth cover

Learn how to interpret the metaphysical messages of your teeth and gum symptoms!

The Secret Lives of Teeth is a clear and comprehensive guide teaches you a unique, complementary self-help approach to easing toothaches, enhancing enamel and gum remineralization and getting better results with necessary dental treatments. 

Available as a paperback or ebook.

Facts about Fairies

As seen and heard…

 Meliors’ Background

I have a Master of Social Sciences (Public Policy & Public Administration). My experience includes seven years in customer service, eight years in policy and planning and 15 years of practicing and teaching peer counselling. I’ve been engaged with environmental issues, permaculture and holistic healing for nearly three decades.

I am also an award-winning artist and writer who has been making and exhibiting textile arts and artist’s books since 2004. The Holistic Tooth Fairy isn’t my first business but it’s my best!

I live near Whaingaroa Harbour in Raglan, New Zealand with Phryne, my three-legged silver tabby cat. I have an adult daughter who lives in Melbourne, Australia.

Are you curious about my name? All your questions are answered here.


Remember, you are the boss of your mouth. So be a good boss.


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