An energetic technique for oral health

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You’ve found the spiritual meaning of your teeth…

what do you do next?

Meridians teeth chart

Download the Meridian Chart as a PDF


is a simple, safe energetic oral health habit for you to do every day, 

just like regular dental floss (without the bleeding gums).

Download and do Energy Floss at home,

to help balance

the energy flowing

through every one of your teeth

(even the ones that are missing or dead).

    What is Energy Floss?

    Energetic technique for oral health

    Energy Floss is an energy balancing technique to do at home. Energy Floss works with the meridian system originally identified by Traditional Chinese Medicine, using similar principles to acupressure and EFT to help activate your body’s innate healing systems. 

    Suitable for all ages and abilities

    You can do it to yourself, or do it with a partner, to a child or as a caregiver.

    You don’t need to be fit, or particularly flexible.

    Quick and easy

    Once you’ve got the hang of it Energy Floss takes about 3 minutes to run through.

    You don’t need a mat, equipment, special clothes or a lot of time. 

    You do need access to a printer. 

    Screen Free

    As soon as you’ve watched printed the PDF cards and guide then watched the supplementary video, you can practice your personlised Energy Floss sequence without looking at a screen or logging into the internet.

    I just finished doing Energy Floss. I love the simplicity of it: easy to follow and read… I reckon I could implement it into my rhythm.

    Larnie Bell


    Meliors Simms, Holistic Tooth Fairy

    The Energy Floss story

    Hello, I’m Meliors Simms. the Holistic Tooth Fairy. As a natural oral health coach I’ve helped hundreds of people turn around their teeth and gum problems the Holistic Tooth Fairy Way since 2017. 

    Mine is a truly holistic approach that tailors nutrition, oral hygiene and jaw exercises with metaphysical strategies from many sources into a personalised protocol that’s unique for each different client. 

    As a coach I’ve observed that my clients who succeed in avoiding or minimising unnecessary dental procedures have one thing in common.

    They are as consistent and persistent with practicing their energetic techniques as they are with toothbrushing and healthy eating.

    * * * * * * * * 

    Many people start their exploration of metaphysical oral health with a look at the energy channels that flow through the problematic parts of their mouth. 

    These energy channels, first identified as meridians in Traditional Chinese Medicine some 2,000 years ago, are the basis of acupuncture, reflexology and Emotional Freedom Technique.  

    I am not Chinese, nor formally trained in Traditional Chinese Medicine. However, like many holistic dentists I use the language of meridians to describe the energy channels that connect teeth to the rest of our bodies. 

    * * * * * * * * 

    One of the ways I teach clients to work with their meridians is a technique that I adapted (from Donna Eden’s Energy Medicine book) to help with oral health issues.

    For the past few years I’ve tailored a unique energy balancing sequence to the particular oral health needs of each client, which I teach it to them in a 1:1 coaching session on Zoom and encourage them to practice regularly. 

    Eventually, I figured out a simple way for anyone to personalise your own energy balancing sequence, without having to read a big book, or flick back and forth through pages of diagrams every time you want to practice. 

    I put everything you need into a set of printable cards, a guide sheet and demonstration video… and called it Energy Floss.

    Energy Floss costs just $48* AUD and includes:


    Energy Floss Prompt Cards PDF to download, print and assemble yourself so you can easily personalise your Energy Floss sequence and adjust your healing priorities as often as you want. (18 cards)


    Energy Floss Guide Sheet PDF  to download and print for complete directions on how to personalise your Energy Floss sequence for maximum effectiveness. (2 pages)


    Energy Floss Video supplements the printables with directions for personalising your Energy Floss sequence to support the parts of your mouth that need it the most as well as demonstrating of each movement in the Energy Floss sequence. (20 minutes)

    * For every sale 5% is donated to Shama Ethnic Women’s Trust, a local organisation providing support, advocacy, and programmes for ethnic women living in New Zealand.

    ** For New Zealand residents only, sales include 15% GST. NZers pay exactly the same amount and receive exactly the same product. Kiwis, please use this payment link to help me meet my tax obligations in NZ. 


    Energy Floss is not a substitute for professional dental care, nor can it replace basic oral hygiene habits of toothbrushing and dental floss.

    It should be considered as a complement to regular dental check ups and necessary dental procedures.

    I am not a dental or medical practitioner and I am not offering medical or dental advice.

    The generalised information in this digital product is not a substitute for specialist advice tailored to your individual circumstances. 

    If you have toothache, infection or any other serious dental problems, please go see your dentist.

    By purchasing Energy Floss, you agree to take full responsibility for your own health and well-being.

    The digital product is designed to be printed out, and you should not rely solely on the supplementary video to be able to practice Energy Floss successfully. 

    Full Terms and Conditions here.