The Secret Lives of Teeth

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The Secret Lives of Teeth:

Understanding emotional influences on oral health

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Have you ever wondered whether there’s more to oral health than regular brushing or avoiding sugar?

Or whether there’s an emotional or spiritual meaning to tooth decay or gum recession?

Or why dental problems sometimes rise and fall with stress?

I wrote The Secret Lives of Teeth: Understanding the emotional influences on oral health to help answer these kinds of questions from spiritual, psychological and energetic perspectives. 
As a holistic oral health coach, I have supported hundreds of people around the world to avoid unnecessary dental procedures (and have positive experiences when treatment is necessary) by working with the unique healing story told by their symptoms. 
Now you can do the same for yourself.
The Secret Lives of Teeth goes beyond New Age ‘spiritual meanings’ of teeth to engage with the oral effects of generational trauma, personal stress and adaptive emotional patterns. 
It includes:
  • A unique and user-friendly system of Tooth Archetypes guides you through the emotional landscape of your mouth explaining each adult tooth’s vulnerabilities and strengths. 
  • The most in-depth explanation of Mouth Meridians available, with a lay person’s guide to working with their energies.
  • A directory of Symptoms as Messengers to help translate the underlying influences on symptoms including abscesses, bruxism, cracks and chips, gingivitis, plaque, root canals, and receding gums. 
  • A toolkit of self-help exercises makes it easy to work with your symptom’s archetypes and messages and free yourself from shame and fear about your mouth.
Read The Secret Lives of Teeth to explore a new, complementary way to respond to the question of why this person has these symptoms at this time.
Secret Lives of Teeth ebook

If you want to understand what is going on with your teeth at a metaphysical level, I highly recommend Meliors Simms. Her understanding of the mouth and its messages is comprehensive. She is highly intuitive and her clarity and insight are amazing.

Eva Wu


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