Cure Tooth Decay- The Bible of nutritional teeth healing

The Miracle of Teeth Healing

Cure Tooth Decay: Heal and Prevent Cavities with Nutrition by Ramiel Nagel (2012) is the one of the most influential books of my voracious reading life. Not only did it save my teeth from their chronic and rapid decline, but it also cracked open the door that eventually led to my career as the Holistic Tooth Fairy.

I’ve told the story elsewhere of how starting to follow the dietary protocol recommended by Nagel prevented what would have been my 7th root canal, and any cavities since then.

For the past five years Cure Tooth Decay has been my Bible in many ways.

  • There is the miracle of healing my teeth.
  • There is the way I have evangelized the protocol to anyone who will listen.
  • But possibly the most biblical analogy though, is my frequent rereading of my paperback’s well worn pages.

Cure Tooth Decay is difficult reading

Every time I return to the book I learn something new. This is both a testament to the depth and complexity of the information, and a reflection of how poorly organised it is.

I have heard from so many people who struggle with reading it, particularly those trying to follow the Kindle edition and so are unable to flip between chapters trying to make sense and connections.

Five of its 11 chapters explain the dietary protocol recommended to cure tooth decay naturally. Each of these chapters describes the protocol from a different angle, which makes for repetition and a lot of page flicking in the guts of the book.  

It is simply not an easy book to refer to when you are trying to figure out what you should and shouldn’t eat, and why.  

That is why I’ve written a brief summary of the main principles and most essential foods from Cure Tooth Decay in to a free e-book called Feed Your Teeth which you can download now. One reader called it ‘Cliff Notes’ for Cure Tooth Decay!

Its not all about the food

For the first couple of years I was so focused on trying to understand and implement the dietary protocol that I barely skimmed the rest of the book.

Yet, when I did return to study the other chapters in depth they proved to contain important information to supplement the dietary protocol.  For example, I’ve come to understand that bite and relaxing the TMJ play a major role in teeth and gum health, almost as important as diet.

Hidden in a few chapters of the book are some profound hints about the metaphysical influences on our dental health.

Nagel mentions ‘the hidden need to be sick’, the story that our sore tooth might have to tell if we can listen, the importance of being connected to life and the role of fathers as providing primal nourishment. They are small but significant clues worthy of more discussion.

These kind of esoteric questions are particularly relevant for people whose adherence to the protocol doesn’t cure tooth decay rapidly or conclusively.

Frustrated followers of the protocol debating on Facebook about the exact dosage of supplements could benefit from a closer reading of the book. Of course this means asking some potentially uncomfortable metaphysical questions about dental health.

However, when I coach clients who are struggling with integrating teeth healing nutrition into their diet or not getting results from doing so, there is always an underlying emotional or environmental influence that needs to be addressed.

My dental health was transformed by Cure Tooth Decay and my book-buying life was changed by the Book Depository. They are an online bookstore offering free postage to anywhere in the world (even New Zealand) and I am proud to be an affiliate. That means if you click through on a link in this post and choose to purchase from the Book Depository I may receive a commission. Win-win! Yay!

If you would like to find out more about how holistic teeth healing strategies could help you, book a free 15 minute chat with me here

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