FAQ about the name MELIORS

For most of my life, I have started almost every conversation with a new acquaintance by answering one or more of the following six questions.  

What does Meliors mean?

There are three meanings to Meliors. I grew up knowing that it translates from the medieval French as ‘honey bear’. Later, I learned that it can mean ‘believing that the world can be made better through human endeavor’. And finally I came across meliors used in psychological literature as ‘the opposite of stressors’.

from Long-term Socia-Ecologal Research: Studies in Society-Nature Interactions by Singh et al

How is Meliors pronounced?

  Mel-ee-ors (with the S)

Where is the name from?

I was born while my father was finishing his PhD in medieval literature, writing about a medieval French romance starring Princess Meliors and her adventures involving William of Palermo, so I was named after her.

I’ve never heard of anyone called Meliors before.

As far as I know I’m the only human called Meliors. It’s turned out to be a very useful URL and search term.

Do you have a nickname?

A couple of years ago, I started inviting people in real life to call me Molly. I continue to use Meliors professionally and online.

Can I call you Mel?



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