Quantum Teeth Reading

Quantum Teeth Reading is a unique and intuitive interpretation of your oral health troubles using a combination of ancient and contemporary methods.

A Quantum Teeth Reading ($288AUD) is a 60 minute video call to explore the emotional, psychological, spiritual and ancestral influences that may be behind your teeth and gum issues, or those of your child*. 

Learn how to work with these underlying metaphysical influences alongside the proven physical strategies to cure cavities, prevent fillings, whiten teeth, stabilize gums and avoid root canals or extractions. 


*A Quantum Teeth Reading for a baby or child under 18 is done with you, the child’s parent. The child may or may not choose to join us for part of the call. I prefer to speak directly and privately to you for at least part of the reading because you should be in charge of deciding if and when to share the details of any ancestral or past life trauma with your child. However, if your little one wants to join the call, I’ll wear my fairy wings!

Watch this demonstration of Mini Quantum Teeth Readings. Used with permission of the participants on the Facebook Live.


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