Is it really possible naturally heal cavities with tooth remineralization?

Is it really possible to remineralize cavities naturally?

The short answer is yes! Tooth remineralization is a natural process in a healthy body.

Small cavities come and go naturally all the time

Small cavities are very easy to heal holistically because your body is naturally remineralizing your tooth enamel all the time.  I’ve written a simple explanation the body’s natural system for constant tooth remineralization here.

You are probably never aware of most of the small cavities that come and go in your mouth throughout your life because they never reach the point of causing you pain. They may cause some sensitivity but they are gone by the time you go to the dentist.

There is an inevitable ebb and flow to your teeth of the nutrients that cause tooth remineralization. Sometimes poor diet, stress or ill health cause that flow to slow down which allows cavities open up, and at other times the nutrients are flowing free and fast so that small cavities remineralize swiftly, leaving no trace.

Tooth remineralization is a natural process that we can consciously choose to accelerate and direct by applying a range of holistic teeth healing strategies.

Disclaimer: This information is provided solely for educational purposes. It is not a substitute for specialist advice tailored to your individual circumstances and is not meant to take the place of seeing licenced health professionals. You are responsible for your own actions. Please use common sense and make independent enquiries before deciding that the information here applies to your circumstances.  Full Terms and Conditions.


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Bigger cavities can be healed naturally too

Big cavities can be remineralized in the same way, but you need to be more committed to incorporating holistic strategies into your daily life for a longer period. Even large cavities that are coming close to the nerve or root, when some dentists will suggest a root canal is the only option, can be healed holistically.

Although there is some evidence that dentin (the part of the tooth between the root and the enamel can be regrown (secondary dentin), it’s unlikely that a big hole can be filled in enough to match the original tooth shape.

However, it is certainly possible to remineralise the enamel across the surface of the cavity to create a hard, glassy surface with no decay either underneath or on top. Once a large cavity is remineralised in this way,it should never cause you problems again in the future as long as you keep the indentation, the remaining hole, very clean and keep up a maintenance level of teeth healing nutrients and other holistic strategies.

If you have a dead nerve underneath a filling or just inside an intact tooth surface, it may be that the nerve may be able to be restored. A dead nerve isn’t really dead its just broken. It is possible with commitment, time, and investment in support like homeopathy to restore the health of a ‘dead’ nerve.

What are the limits of tooth remineralization?

There are limits to the tooth remineralization that holistic teeth healing can achieve. If the cavity has already exposed the root or nerve, the pain is agonising and dysfunctional. You simply aren’t able to work, parent, sleep or carry out basic daily tasks when you are in the pain caused by an exposed root.

Sometimes an infection is too advanced and your overall body health is not strong enough to support healing. An infection won’t always be painful, other symptoms include inflammation, infection, abscess, pus draining etc.

When the root or nerve is exposed and/or infected you need to deal with it quickly and decisively. Those kinds of bacterial infections can enter your blood stream and cause serious disease in other parts of your body.

People have died from untreated tooth inflammation. You need to do something if you have a tooth root or nerve that is infected. It is not the time to take a ‘wait and see’ approach. Either go to the dentist, or inform yourself about natural alternatives and put them into action without compromise, but do not do nothing if you have an infection in your tooth.

Can holistic teeth healing complement dental interventions?

If the root is exposed you will be recommended a root canal by the dentist, and if you hesitate they may offer an extraction as a secondary (cheaper) option.

Many people have a blanket opposition to root canals and say that no root canal is a good root canal, but I believe that in some cases it is possible to have a root canal that is stable and doesn’t cause serious health problems. (I recommend reading my blog posts about root canals).

Everyone is different. Some people who are in good overall health, with a low-stress life and can live with root canal in a tooth (that is not associated with a part of their body that is vulnerable to inflammation and disease) and keep it stable with good holistic strategies to support teeth health.

If you have an extraction, it is possible to live with a gap in your mouth without needing an implant and without the bone loss or collapsing teeth that the dentist will tell you is inevitable. It is possible to keep your mouth stable around a gap after an extraction, and there is no need to decide on the spot whether you will get an implant. So even if you feel you have to rush into an extraction, you can take your time deciding what the next step will be.

You are the boss of your mouth

There are limits to holistic teeth healing, but natural, complementary and self help strategies can do an great deal more than most people think.

Small cavities do not need to become big cavities. Big cavities do not need to lead to root canals. Root canals are not the only option for an exposed root, and implants are not the only option after an extraction.

If you are facing a difficult diagnosis from a dentist I encourage you to get a second opinion, to do your own research, and not just passively accept what the first dentist advises. Sometimes what they are recommending is the right thing to do but not always, and its always worth considering all your options.

It’s up to you to make the best decision for your mouth, your health and your life.

Get started now healing cavities!

The FREE Emergency Teeth Relief Toolkit is a great place to start learning about some of the most effective and fast acting strategies that can help to cure cavities and relieve toothache.

Emergency Teeth Relief Toolkit


Seven natural self help strageties for teeth and gum relief

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