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for the rest of your life with easy, effective, holistic habits

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I know how much taking a natural approach to oral health matters to you and for your family.

You eat right, avoid toxins and take responsibility for your health choices.

You know there has to be a better way to take care of your teeth than a dentist’s drill.

But you don’t have time to waste sorting through alternative dental recommendations to figure out what will fix your teeth without costing the earth or risking your health.

You’ve bought the fancy toothpaste and spent hours oil pulling.

But you still feel like you’re not doing enough.

Your teeth healing has plateaued and you don’t know how much longer you can avoid the dentist’s expensive recommendations.

I see it all the time with my clients. They make a strong start with a holistic teeth healing plan but after a few weeks their healthy habits start to drop away when the kids get sick, or they move house, or go on holiday.

Giving up and going to the dentist for an irreversible procedure is not an option, but they don’t know how to get on top of their oral health.

Can you relate? I sure can.

I remember the sinking feeling of dread when I felt that familiar toothache start deep in my jaw.

I remember the panic attacks in the dental chair and the thousands I spent on dental procedures that I didn’t want but was too afraid to refuse.

I remember the sense of overwhelm when I turned to Google to find an alternative to another root canal.

I remember not knowing where to start, how to choose between this $60 toothpaste or that complicated diet plan… spending 20 minutes a day of oil pulling or buying a $200 oral irrigator.

I remember not being sure that anything would REALLY work for my chronic, never-ending cycle of tooth decay.

It’s awful isn’t it?

But that’s not my oral health situation anymore. It’s not that I never have teeth troubles – it’s still the area of my body that is most vulnerable to stress.

But now when I feel a niggle of sensitivity or pain I know how to interpret what my teeth need and I respond quickly and easily so that my teeth settle down straight away.

These days I spend 5-15 minutes a day practicing a handful of healthy habits that I know are effective because I haven’t had a filling (or any dental procedure) for nearly 6 years.

When I get stressed and my teeth start to nag for attention, I know how to kick up my maintenance routine into active healing mode with herbs, homeopathics, energy healing and more.

Imagine the confidence of knowing you can prevent small oral health problems from developing into big ones.

Imagine maintaining your teeth and gum health effectively enough that dental checkups are always a satisfying confirmation that all is well in your mouth.

It’s not hard, I know because I do it and my clients do it… on tight budgets or strict diets… in the midst of busy careers or chaotic households… and through the distractions of travels or illnesses, deadlines or celebrations.

It’s not hard, it really isn’t.

The Holistic Tooth Fairy Way is an effective framework combining diet, exercise, hygiene and mindset in simple sustainable routines that fit your lifestyle and budget.


Case Study: Healing gums and remineralizing cavities naturally

Delaina is a 48 year old authorpreneur and poet living in the MidWestern United States. She has experienced pain and problems with her teeth throughout her life, requiring four implants (two needed bone replacement surgery), a number of crowns, a couple of root canals, and a few fillings. 

She told me, ‘I would like to keep my teeth as healthy as possible and avoid any more “serious” dental work. My goal would be to visit my dentist 1x a year for a check and cleaning but no longer have to have fillings on my teeth.’

When Delaina’s partner came across the Holistic Tooth Fairy in April 2017, the couple started follow the free holistic oral health recommendations on my website and newsletter.  Delaina soon found her gums were doing better.

However, when Delaina and her partner came to me to develop personalised teeth healing plans in  November 2017 she was still concerned about a few cavities behind her front two teeth and a cavity and crack in tooth #22..

As she already had a good oral hygiene routine, we simply added a few targeted tweaks there. What her mouth really needed was more teeth-nourishing foods, herbs and homeopathics. Delaina and her partner also started a regular practice of jaw relaxation exercises.

Within two weeks Delaina reported that her cracked tooth was already starting to heal and that her teeth were generally feeling stronger.  She was finding ‘fun and joy’ in  her daily oral hygiene rituals.

We fine-tuned her teeth healing plan further and began to explore some of the underlying emotional and psychological issues influencing her chronic oral health challenges.

By 31 January 2018 Delaina was celebrating that the cavity between her front teeth was completely gone while the cracked tooth and her gums were continuing to improve.

When Delaina went to the dental hygienist in April 2018, one year after first starting the Holistic Tooth Fairy Way, the hygienist told her that they could see the healing going on in her mouth, and that her gums were fabulous and her mouth overall was great.  She had a fast, painless cleaning and the hygienist told her not to come back for another cleaning until next year. 

Delaina was over the moon as she has never had such a great visit to the dentist!

Here’s the truth about natural oral health.  

Teeth and gum symptoms can have multiple causes, and everybody’s body is unique.

Natural strategies work through sustained and flexibly consistent habits, not from a silver-bullet product.

Left to your own devices, sometimes you luck onto a strategy that works for your symptoms, but sometimes you don’t.

Without a clear framework and a reliable guide, you have to spend hours screening sales pitches and cranks to find an effective approach – which might maintain your teeth for years, but maybe will be forgotten when your symptoms abate.

After working with 150+  oral health clients I have seen it again and again: some of the smartest, most determined people get stuck, distracted or forgetful… and then their symptoms return.

I want more for you and your teeth.

I’ve figured out which are the most EFFECTIVE and SUSTAINABLE teeth and gum healing strategies and rolled them into my flagship programme Teeth for Life.

Teeth for Life is a membership community for people who are tired of leaving their mouths out of their commitment to natural, non-toxic health and who are ready to take consistent, focused action every day to heal and prevent tooth decay and gum disease.

The Holistic Tooth Fairy Way is to break down oral health advice into bite size pieces so that that healthy habits stick over time.


That’s how the healing happens.

I contacted Meliors because I had a low grade infection on the root of a long term problem tooth.

Our journey together was exactly as I hoped it would be. A perfect combination of physical support with supplements, diet, lifestyle choice plus deep inner work to honour the message my tooth had been attempting to reveal.
Through our work together, I have embodied practices and behaviours that facilitate greater healing in not only my teeth but my entire system.
I have stayed committed to listening to the messages from my teeth and making empowering health choices to support their healing.
Meliors is wise, kind, incredibly knowledgeable and wholeheartedly committed to your well being.
I will recommend her to anyone who is experiencing dental challenges.

How will Teeth for Life heal your teeth and gums?*

(*results may vary)

  • You will nourish your mouth with remineralizing nutrients
  • You will take pressure off of your jaw to support the body’s natural restorative systems
  • Your daily hygiene habits will be optimized to meet your unique needs
  • You will know how to choose or make the right products for your body and your budget
  • You will confidently handle dental emergencies and dental appointments
  • Your teeth will be stronger and whiter
  • Your gums will stabilize, and grow firm and healthy
  • Your existing dental work will stabilize
  • Your bite and teeth will become more aligned

It’s time to prioritise your oral health with natural strategies aligned to your values.

What you will get:

Imagine a nurturing hub with only the best and most effective natural oral health resources with hands on support to apply them for yourself and your family. That’s what Teeth for Life is!

All delivered through a members-only area with easily actionable tools and resources, plus daily interaction, inspiration and encouragement in our private Facebook group.

For less than $1 a day you’ll get :

Daily support and accountabilty

Join like minded people and make new friends,

Set your weekly teeth healing intentions in the group and receive support and encouragement from the communtiy to help you stay on track.

You’ll no longer feel alone as you pursue the the most the effective way to heal and prevent your oral health problems.

Live coaching calls

Every month you can join a live video call to ask questions, share successes and problem-solve with the wisdom of the group, as well as my warm, non-judgemental expertise. 



Video, PDF and Audio Resources

The moment you join Teeth for Life you’ll start learning the Holistic Tooth Fairy Way.

To help you personalise your oral health habits and stay on track I have created a series of short video tutorials and PDF promptsheets. 

Each month I release new resources that will help you gain continued momentum and flexibility in your oral health habits.

What about doubts?

I should be able to sustain habits on my own…

Sticking to healthy habits is hard for most people. Most people find it easier to sustain healthy habits if they have some form of accountabilty helping them to stay on track. When you know someone else is counting on you, you’re  more likely to follow through.  Teeth for Life layers in many forms of accountability so that you can find what works best for you.

My schedule is too tight to squeeze in another obligation…

You are already so busy with work, family, and other priorities that sometimes you don’t even have time to brush your teeth, let alone learn  better ways to take care of your mouth.  Teeth for Life is designed for you! Choose your own priorities as you browse the resources. Most resources take no more than 15 mintues to watch or read and most of the strategies can be done in just a few minutes a day

I’m not convinced that natural strategies work

Research into holistic oral health strategies has been falling between the cracks of conventional dental and complementary health for a long time. There aren’t a huge number of scientific studies to back up the results that ordinary people are getting when we take matters into our own hands. As a layperson, I have experimented on myself and supported my clients to try cutting edge ideas where they seem appropriate. The best outcomes are the result of sustained committment to daily habits that nourish your teeth and gums from the inside.

I’m scared I’ll end up in serious trouble at the dentist…

You deserve to have an active, aware alliance with your dentist and that means taking responsibilitiy for your own health and well-being. Teeth for Life complements holistic dentistry and may reduce your dependence on dental treatments but it is not a substitute for professional dental advice. If your teeth or gums are in serious trouble right now (with pain, infection or inflammation), please contact me to discuss your concerns before joining Teeth for Life.



“I had been working with a dental hygienist to try and get on top of my receding gums.  My dental hygiene is good and I don’t suffer from any pain or issues otherwise.  She was making no headway with conventional narrow knowledge.  Then I came across Meliors Simms and signed up for her support program.  Meliors has a broad knowledge of what leads to healthy gums and teeth, and has put me on supplements specific to my issues.  She’s also worked with the way I brush my teeth, and made many useful suggestions which I’m continuing to follow.  I feel really positive about the whole body approach of Meliors and look forward to an over-all benefit which will of course show itself in my mouth as well as elsewhere.  So I highly recommend working with Meliors and am grateful for her support.” Lis Pederson

I want you and your family to have healthy teeth and gums.

I want you to be empowered to take care of your oral health independently.

I want this for everybody, so I’ve made Teeth for Life affordable and accessible

Start now for only $28 AUD per month.

Get two months free when you subscribe for 12 months at only $288 AUD. 

Join now and lock in this Early Bird price forever. 


My goal for your mouth:

  • Strong white teeth
  • Healthy tight gums
  • Toxin free mouth
  • Stable dental work

My goal for you and your family:

  • Sustainable habits
  • Flexibile strategies for every stage of life
  • Feel confident
  • Empowered relationship with dentist

Frequently Asked Questions

How much time is required for this programme?

Your membership will begin with six foundation modules of 10-20 minutes each. You can do them at your own pace. Tackle one module per week or blast through them within a couple of hours.

Once you have the foundations in place, your daily oral health habits should take 10- 30 minutes a day, including oral hygiene, nutrition, exercise and metaphysical work.

I'm on a special diet, will the programme work for me?

Teeth for Life recommends a teeth nourishing diet that is close to paleo+dairy. Nutrition is just one of the four pillars of the Holistic Tooth Fairy way of natural teeth healing, so there are plenty of other non-food teeth healing strategies within the programme.

However, if you do not eat animal products or have other substantial dietary restrictions, please contact me to see whether one to one coaching is needed as well as, or instead of, the membership.

How much will I need to invest in new supplements etc?

You can choose your own adventure and how much you want to invest.  Teeth for Life is designed to support oral health on any budget. You can choose to invest in any or all the recommended products at once, or add them into your life one at a time. You can even choose to adopt only the strategies that are free or low cost.

Even if you decide to buy the best of everything at once, it will still cost less than a couple of fillings at most dentists.

What does it cost to subscribe and is there a payment plan?

Membership subscriptions are $280 AUD /yearly or $28 AUD /monthly.

The price when you join is locked in for the term of your (continuous) membership.

Check your currency.

How do I join and pay?

When you click on the Join Teeth for Life button you land on the Teeth for Life Membership Agreement Terms and Conditions. You need to acknowlege that you have read and accept these conditions before  you can sign up in the Teeth for Life membership. Once signed in on the check out page you can make a secure payment by credit/debit card.

Membership subscriptions will renew automatically, so your payment details will be retained for future installments.

What happens if I want to stop being a member?

If you have purchased a Monthly Membership, you are entitled to a Money Back Guarantee if your request is received within 7 days of making your payment.

If you have purchased a Yearly Membership, you are entitled to a money back guarantee, less a $30 AUD administration fee, if your request is received within 28 days of making your payment.

You can cancel your membership subscription at any time and continue to have access to Thinkific and the Facebook group until the term covered by your final payment expires. There is no refund available after the expiration of the Money Back Guarantee period.

Still hesitating?

Let’s have a chat. Contact me to discuss your concerns.


Decision time

You have two choices.

Keep doing what you have been doing… trial and error on your own.

Or… join Teeth for Life and align your oral health with your values.



The membership is priced at $28 AUD per month.

Get 12 months for the price of 10: $288 AUD for one year subscription

Join now and lock in your rate for ever. Membership in Teeth for Life will never cost so little again.


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