Teeth for Life

Monthly membership 

Restore and maintain

strong teeth and healthy

gums for the rest of your life.

Teeth for Life

Monthly membership 

Restore and maintain strong teeth and healthy gums for the rest of your life.

Is natural health a priority for your body and family?

You eat right and avoid toxins as much as possible… but you’re worried about tooth decay or gum disease undermining your efforts.

Teeth for Life is a membership programme that supports you to start- and stay on track- with proven, effective, natural oral health strategies.  Natural oral health is easy and enjoyable with:

  • reliable recommendations that suit your unique oral health needs
  • live coaching in small group video calls
  • daily interaction, inspiration and encouragement in our private Facebook group.

Here’s the truth about natural oral health.

Teeth and gum symptoms can have multiple causes, and everybody’s body is unique.

Natural strategies work through sustained and persistent habits, not from a silver-bullet product.

Turning to Google for advice, sometimes you luck onto a strategy that works for your symptoms, but sometimes you don’t.

Without a reliable guide, you have to spend hours screening cranks and sales pitches to find the natural approach that works for you. And then even the smartest, most determined people can get stuck, distracted or forgetful… and see their symptoms return.

How can Teeth for Life help?*

  • Nourish your teeth and gums with the nutrients they need
  • Relax your jaw to support the body’s natural restorative systems
  • Optimize your daily hygiene habits to meet your unique needs
  • Choose the best products for your body and your budget
  • Confidently handle dental emergencies and dental appointments
  • Teeth get stronger
  • No more sensitivity
  • Enamel gets whiter
  • Receding gums stabilize
  • Existing dental work stabilizes
  • Keep your whole family’s teeth healthy

(*results may vary)

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I joined Teeth for Life because I had been struggling with all aspects of my health over the past decade. I’m healing from Lyme disease and have been really pleased with the extra support that TFL has provided. Meliors’ work is backed by an extraordinary level of research, and I’ve learned such a lot on both the physical and metaphysical levels. I wish I’d had Meliors in my kit bag when my kids were small!

Thank you Meliors for your patient and empowering teaching style. Amanda Collins

Hello, I’m Meliors Simms, the Holistic Tooth Fairy.

My superpower is breaking down natural oral health information into user-friendly practical solutions.

I’m a natural oral health coach (not a dentist). I learned from personal experience that holistic oral health habits are what heal teeth, not dental interventions.

I spent decades following mainstream dentists’ advice while my teeth continued to disintegrate.  

I still remember having panic attacks at the dentist and the thousands I spent on procedures that I was bulldozed into.

I remember the sense of overwhelm when I turned to Google to find an alternative to yet another root canal.

I remember not knowing where to start, how to choose between this $60 toothpaste or that complicated diet plan… spending 20 minutes a day of oil pulling or buying a $200 oral irrigator.

I remember not being sure that anything would REALLY work for my chronic, never-ending cycle of tooth decay.

But that’s not my oral health situation anymore. I haven’t had a filling or a root canal for six years since I started practicing the foundations of what would become my Holistic Tooth Fairy Way.

These days I spend 5-15 minutes a day practicing a handful of healthy habits that I know are effective and that work for my clients as well. It’s not that I never have teeth troubles – it’s still the area of my body that is most vulnerable to stress.

But now when I feel a niggle of sensitivity or pain I know how to respond so that my teeth recover straight away.

Teeth for Life includes all the most effective recommendations for natural oral health drawn from years of research, my own experience, and from helping over 200 coaching clients to turn around their teeth and gums.

Case Study:

Healing gums & cavities naturally

Delaina is one of the founding members of Teeth for Life.

Throughout her life, she experienced pain and problems with her teeth, requiring four implants (two needed bone replacement surgery), a number of crowns, a couple of root canals, and a few fillings.

When she started working with Meliors she was still concerned about a few cavities behind her front two teeth and a cavity and crack in another tooth.

Within two weeks Delaina noticed that her cracked tooth was already starting to heal and that her teeth were generally feeling stronger.

She was finding ‘fun and joy’ in  her daily oral hygiene rituals. Soon Delaina was celebrating that the cavity between her front teeth was completely gone while the cracked tooth and her gums were continuing to improve.

When Delaina went to the dentist a few months later, the hygienist told her that they could see the healing going on, that her gums were fabulous and her mouth overall was great.

She had a fast, painless cleaning and the hygienist told her not to come back until next year.

Delaina was over the moon as she has never had such a great visit to the dentist!

Teeth for Life Membership

Prioritise your oral health with natural strategies aligned to your values.

Daily support and accountabilty

Join like minded people and make new friends, Set your weekly teeth healing intentions in the group and receive support and encouragement from the community to help you stay on track. You’ll no longer feel alone as you pursue the most the effective way to heal and prevent your oral health problems.

Live coaching calls

Every month you can join live video calls to ask questions, share successes and problem-solve with the wisdom of the group, as well as my warm, non-judgemental expertise. 

Video, PDF and Audio Resources

From the moment you join Teeth for Life you’ll start learning the Holistic Tooth Fairy Way. To help you personalise your oral health habits and stay on track I have created a series of short video tutorials and PDF promptsheets.  Each month I release new resources that will help you continue to gain momentum and flexibility in your oral health habits.

Subscribe for $38 AUD per month or buy One Year and SAVE!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much time is required for this programme?
Your membership will begin with six foundation modules of 10-20 minutes each. You can do them at your own pace. Tackle one module per week or blast through them within a couple of hours. Once you have the foundations in place, your daily oral health habits should take 10- 30 minutes a day, including oral hygiene, nutrition, exercise and metaphysical work.
I'm on a special diet, will the programme work for me?
Teeth for Life recommends a teeth nourishing diet that might be described as paleo+dairy. Nutrition is just one of the four pillars of the Holistic Tooth Fairy way of natural teeth healing, so there are plenty of other non-food strategies within the programme. However, if you do not eat animal products or have other substantial dietary restrictions, please contact me to see whether one-to-one coaching is needed as well as, or instead of, the membership.
I'm not convinced that natural strategies work…
Research into holistic oral health strategies has been falling between the cracks of conventional dental and complementary health for a long time. There aren’t a huge number of scientific studies to back up the results that ordinary people are getting when we take matters into our own hands. As a layperson, I have experimented on myself and supported my clients to try cutting edge ideas where they seem appropriate. We have successfully remineralized cavities and cracks, healed gum disease, prevented root canals and extractions and more.
I'm scared I'll end up in serious trouble at the dentist...
You deserve to have an active, aware alliance with your dentist and that means taking responsibility for your own health and well-being. Teeth for Life complements holistic dentistry and may reduce your dependence on dental treatments but it is not a substitute for professional dental advice. If your teeth or gums are in serious trouble right now (with pain, infection or inflammation), please contact me to discuss your concerns before joining Teeth for Life.
What happens if I want to stop being a member?
You can cancel your membership subscription at any time and continue to have access to resources, calls and the Facebook group until the term covered by your final payment expires. If you have purchased a Monthly Membership, you are entitled to a Money Back Guarantee if your request is received within 7 days of making your payment. If you have purchased an Annual Membership, you are entitled to a money back guarantee (less a $30 AUD administration fee) if your request is received within 28 days of making your payment. There is no refund available after the expiration of the Money Back Guarantee period.

If I didn’t answer all of your questions about The Teeth for Life Membership, please feel free to fill in the form below