Psychosocial Teeth

Have you ever wondered WHY certain teeth get in trouble at certain times in your life?

Oral health problems are not solely caused by physical factors. There are several complementary theories about the emotional and psychological associations of teeth including:

The last of these is probably the least well know, at least in the English speaking world, because Dr Caffin’s books have not been translated yet from French. I first discovered Dr Caffin’s work in an article by  Dr Stanislav Chicha. 
Since then I have combined all three frameworks into my Quantum Teeth Readings practice where I deliver intuitive interpretations of the underlying metaphysical influences on your unique experience of oral health. 
Now for the first time you can work with the Caffin-Chicha framework by yourself.  I have summarised the psychological and social associations with different types of teeth into a easy-to-read chart. Download it for FREE and receive a short email series explaining how to incorporate your pyschosocial insights into your teeth and gum healing project. 



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