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The Secret Lives of Teeth – E-book

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Learn how to interpret the metaphysical messages of your teeth and gum symptoms.

This clear and comprehensive guide teaches you a unique, complementary self-help approach to easing toothaches, enhance enamel and gum remineralization and getting better results with necessary dental treatments.

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Have you ever wondered whether there's more to oral health than regular brushing or avoiding sugar?

Or whether there's an emotional or spiritual meaning to tooth decay or gum recession?

Or why dental problems sometimes rise and fall with stress?

Natural oral health coach, Meliors Simms, has explored such questions with hundreds of people to help them achieve better dental outcomes. Now, she unpacks the oral effects of generational trauma, adverse experiences, and adaptive emotional patterns to reveal an effective, complementary approach to oral health.

The Secret Lives of Teeth offers fascinating perspectives on including:

-A unique system of Tooth Archetypes to explain each individual tooth’s emotional vulnerabilities

-Energetic interpretations for abscesses, bruxism, cavities, gingivitis, plaque, receding gums and other symptoms

-Metaphysical self-help exercises to help you relieve not only symptoms but also feelings of shame and fear about your oral health.

Discover an exciting new way to respond to teeth and gum problems!

3 reviews for The Secret Lives of Teeth – E-book

  1. Meredith Youngson

    As someone who has experienced a number of traumatic experiences relating to my teeth, this book has totally changed the way I feel about them. Meliors explains very clearly how these issues arise and what they might mean. And even better, how to look after your teeth and mouth much more effectively. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who wishes to have a healthier mouth and stronger teeth, and also to all parents who want to give their children’s teeth the best possible start.

  2. Suz Hall

    I found this book incredibly insightful. Its an excellent summary of how our emotions and mind habits can directly impact our teeth, oral health, and health in general.
    The writing is very clear, and informative, with lots of practical exercises as well so you can really take control of your own dental health, rather than that helpless feeling we get on a trip to the dentist.
    I was drawn to this book after several misadventures with the dental industry, and now feel empowered to really take care of my own oral health (with the odd visit to the dentist still!)
    I think its a must have reference book for any home library, to help further understand how the mind and body are connected. Highly recommended.

  3. Egan Sanders (verified owner)

    This book was a revelation! Meliors has written a potent book that is informative, enlightening and healing. I read it in one day! I had so many insights about the causes of my dental situation that I could barely sleep. It felt like I had taken a quantum leap in self-awareness.
    The diagrams, maps, archetypes and other rich information are exceptional and easy to understand. I was able to map my own teeth and the correspondences were uncanny.
    Meliors certainly is an expert in this. What a blessing she is to share her knowledge and love with readers. I look forward to her upcoming books.

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