Energy Floss


An energetic technique for oral health

ENERGY FLOSS is a simple, safe energetic oral health habit for you to do every day,  just like regular dental floss (without the bleeding gums).

Download and do Energy Floss at home, to help balance the energy flowing through every one of your teeth (even the ones that are missing or dead).


Energetic technique for oral health

Energy Floss is an energy balancing technique to do at home. Energy Floss works with the meridian system originally identified by Traditional Chinese Medicine, using similar principles to acupressure and EFT to help activate your body’s innate healing systems.

Suitable for all ages and abilities

You can do it to yourself, or do it with a partner, to a child or as a caregiver.

You don’t need to be fit, or particularly flexible.

Quick and easy

Once you’ve got the hang of it Energy Floss takes about 3 minutes to run through.

You don’t need a mat, equipment, special clothes or a lot of time.

You do need access to a printer. 

Screen Free

As soon as you’ve watched printed the PDF cards and guide then watched the supplementary video, you can practice your personlised Energy Floss sequence without looking at a screen or logging into the internet.