Any timezone, any place

A consultation with the Holistic Tooth Fairy is nothing like going to the dentist! It’s easy, empowering and even fun!

All our consultations are done in online video calls which means that you can work with us no matter what country or what time zone you are in.

You can do it in your pajamas!

You can do it in your car!

You can do it lying down or breastfeeding or with a drink in your hand!

You don’t need a babysitter!


online coaching

Don’t open wide

Our recommendations are made in response to the information you tell us about your history, lifestyle and current symptoms so we don’t need to see your teeth (though photos and/or a copy of your most recent x-ray can be helpful).

online coaching

How to book your video call

First you select your timezone on the booking calendar, then find a session time that suits you.  If there’s nothing on the first page that fits your schedule, you might need to check availability a couple of weeks into the future.  Meliors has an alternate calendar available with some extra sessions to suit European time zones. Larnie’s regular calendar is already compatible with most time zones. 

For a free 15 minute assessment call with Meliors or a one hour paid session with Larnie, you’ll start with the booking calendar and complete a short questionnaire, about your oral health history and current priorities etc. For coaching package you’ll set up payment first by Paypal or credit card then click into Meliors’ calendar to book  your sessions.

Logging in

After booking a session, you’ll receive a confirmation email straight away and three reminder emails (48, 24 hours and 1 hour before your session start time). Make sure you save the time to your own calendar or diary so you don’t forget!

Each of the emails includes the link to login to our online video chat room. If you haven’t used Zoom before, follow the instructions in the first confirmation email to download and install Zoom to your phone or computer in advance.

We both log into our Zoom Room at the agreed time. Make sure your microphone and camera are working. 



My coaching style

Free assessments and coaching packages

In a free 15 minute assessment call, we’ll figure out if a coaching package or a single session is a good fit for what you need right now. We can tailor coaching to suit:

  • couples or families
  • chronic oral health problems
  • complex general health challenges
  • plant-based diets
  • chronic illness
  • recovery or detox
  • pregnancy and breastfeeding 
  • significant dental procedures such as amalgam or root canal removal

Coaching prices start from $100 AUD.

Meliors Simms headshot

Hello! I'm Meliors Simms, the Holistic Tooth Fairy.

As a natural oral health coach I have worked with hundreds of clients worldwide to avoid unnecessary dental procedures and have better experiences with the necessary ones. (Find out about my coaching services here).

After a diverse career (from research to counselling to arts) and a lifetime of terrible teeth, I stumbled on an Alt Oral approach which prevented what would have been my 7th root canal.

That inspired years of independent research and experimentation, eventually resulting in my uniquely holistic approach to oral health.

My new book The Secret Lives of Teeth is a comprehensive guide to healing teeth and gums with metaphysical perspective. Read a sample here for free



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