How to heal cavities naturally

Our natural inclination to heal cavities

Most people are surprised when they learn how easy it is to heal cavities naturally without fillings.  Small cavities are the easiest to heal because they come and go all the time in our teeth.

You probably never even realise that you have a most of the small cavities you’ve experienced because they have already been healed naturally before you feel pain or sensitivity. Cavities can come and go in a matter of a few weeks so if that happens in between dental checkups, no one will notice!

What causes small cavities to appear?

Cavities develop when something in your life causes your body to draw down the store of minerals out of your teeth enamel.

It might be an illness, a medication or a change in your diet.  

Often cavities can be triggered by a stressful move, job loss or breakup.

Pregnancy and breastfeeding place have long been recognsied as placing great demands on your teeth (there used to be a saying ‘for every baby a tooth’ because it was so common to lose a tooth with each child). 

What causes small cavities to disappear?

In the normal course of events when you are basically healthy and when your body is no longer under the stress that causes it draw on the strength of your enamel, it will automatically naturally start to remineralize.  

Certain glands produce hormones that drive the remineralization process. A healthy diet and low stress levels help to keep those glands functioning properly.


A healthy body will start pushing nutrients back into the teeth as soon as its able to, and the cavity will remineralize leaving no evidence that it was even there. 


How to deliberately heal cavities naturally

What holistic teeth healing strategies do is harness that natural inclination of the body to heal small cavities. With deliberate effort we can accelerate and encourage the body’s natural remineralization processes.

In practice, that usually means adding in missing nutrients to nourish and replenish the teeth.

It also involves releasing physical and energetic blocks that may have been inhibiting the body’s natural healing functions.

When we can identify the underlying cause of the cavity, address that issue we are also able to prevent more cavities developing in the future.

All this can be done without any need for dental drilling, filling and billing!


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