Get Started as an Online Oral Health Coach

An online course for dental hygienists

Pivot your dental hygiene practice into online oral health coaching.

Is 2020 sucking the joy out of your dental hygiene career?

Dental hygiene is one of the top five professions most at risk of contracting Covid-19 on the job. 

The dental profession is under pressure, in an ever-changing regulatory environment. 

How is Covid-19 affecting you and your work?

Can you afford to put yourself or your family at risk of infection just by going to work every day? 

Are you struggling to balance homeschool/childcare with inflexible work demands?

Are your patients staying away and your income drying up due to social distancing?

Are ever-changing pandemic regulations stressing you out?

Are long days of wearing full PPE eroding your job satisfaction?

Covid risk, PPE ugh

Are you ready to make a change?

Pivot your passion for oral health ONLINE to help people all over rthe world prevent and manage tooth decay & gum disease while you are both in safe in your own homes?

‘Get Started as an Online Oral Health Coach’ Course NOW.

Course presenter: Meliors Simms

Hello! I’m Meliors Simms, founder and creator of the Holistic Tooth Fairy.

I had terrible teeth for years despite following dentist’s advice and living a healthy lifestyle.  Finally I started to figure out how to heal my oral health problems and I began to organise my research and experience into the Holistic Tooth Fairy Way. 

In January 2017 I began offering oral health coaching sessions by video and by April I was able quit my day job to become a full-time Fairy. Since then, I have coached hundreds of clients all over the world.

 In 2020, demand for Holistic Tooth Fairy coaching surged when dentists were forced to suspend all but emergency care due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Thousands more people started searching for oral health home remedies and self help advice. 

At the same time, the dental industry has been struggling with the impact of Covid-19 as one of the most at-risk professions for viral transmission.  

Dental professionals spend their days sweating in full PPE trying to comply with ever-changing regulations. 

Some hygienists have reduced hours as dental practices see fewer patients. 

Others are losing their jobs as many dental practices close down under the financial pressure of the pandemic. 

‘Get Started as an Online Oral Health Coach’ Course is a 12-week professional development programme. 

  I’ve designed this course so you’ll have everything you need to ‘Get Started as an Online Oral Health Coach’ and start selling online oral health coaching sessions by the end of the course.

As you Get Started as an Online Oral Health Coach you will:

  • Expand your dental hygienist training and experience with an extensive holistic toolkit of effective oral health strategies.
  • Practice coaching skills, techniques and tools that will support your clients to implement lifestyle changes and healthy habits so they can prevent teeth and gum diseases.
  • Confidently set up the technical requirements for an easy-to-operate online coaching business that delivers a smooth customer experience
  • Design a brand new online oral health coaching business (if that’s your desire) or add online coaching to complement your current in-person dental hygienist practice
  • Have the chance to learn directly from Meliors Simms in live, intimate, personalized group video calls, online.
  • Study and work from the safety of your home and in the comfort of your own clothes, while practising social isolation.
  • Get paid to serve clients you love, on a schedule that suits you and your family.

Introducing my co-presenter, Zoë Taylor…

“Hi! I’m Zoë, a tech-obsessed Online Business Manager.

I work with online service providers to help translate the tech talk and support the back end of their businesses.

I’m super passionate about making sure that your online business is set up, the right way, from the beginning and that you’re using systems that you understand and can continue to use as your business grows!”

Zoë will be presenting the technical aspects of getting started as an online coach. She’ll also be available to answer questions on group coaching calls, and will be active every day in the Course Community. 



Zoe Taylor

These are the methodologies, techniques and tools that you will master when you join the Get Started as an Online Oral Health Coach Course.

Design an online oral health coaching business that works for YOU 

Introductions, overview & ground rules. Identifying and understanding your own intentions, needs, strengths & opportunities, resources & limitations, passion & purpose as an online oral health coach (with Meliors).

Attracting your ideal client

Identify your ideal client and unique niche as an online oral health coach. Learn how to do market research interviews (with Meliors). 

Setting up online booking and video calls 

Options for online booking systems. How to set up calendar restrictions, time zone conversions etc. Options for free video calls, managing privacy, call recordings etc (with Zoë).

Assignment 1: Market Research Interviews

Live group coaching call (with Meliors and Zoë)

  Coaching individual clients

Coaching means listening & empowering. Tailoring individual solutions to personal goals & tailoring communications to individual needs. Boundaries and expectations for prevention, relief, stabilization or healing of pain, infection, decay, gum recession, gum disease etc (with Meliors).

  Tools for personalised nutritional & hygiene protocols 

Teeth & gum healing diets and supplements; vegan and vegetarian variations; intuitive eating; changing food habits. (with Meliors).

Tools for jaw relaxation & metaphysical protocols 

Jaw massage and exercises, breathing exercises. Meditation, sound healing, mantras, tapping, etc. Dental fears & patient empowerment (with Meliors).

Assignment 2: Practice coaching sessions 

Live group coaching call (with Meliors and Zoë)

Free marketing for online oral health coaches

Consistent content marketing. Social media platforms; FB groups, SEO, Pinterest; video; blogging; branding, email list, website (with Meliors and Zoë).

Making a living as an online oral health coach 

Sales calls, following up leads & past clients; pricing strategies, discounts, packages and promotions (with Meliors).

Delivering solutions for your clients

Getting paid via Paypal or credit cards. Automated client emails and newsletters (with Zoë).

Sustain and grow your coaching business 

Sustain and expand your client list, get testimonials and referrals. Grow your reach, grow into group programmes and outsourcing to Virtual Assistants (with Meliors and Zoë).


Live video calls

Every week you can attend a live video call. Over 12 weeks we’ll have 10 live classes which will include plenty of time for Q&A  plus two group coaching calls with both presenters present so you can get indepth personal support.  

Call recordings

If you can’t make it live, or you just want to review the material, you’ll have access to every class and group coaching call recording 24/7.

Course Community

Between calls you can ask questions, share your progress and challenges, and interact with other students in our private Course Community, online group (off Facebook).

NB I may adjust the content or process midstream in order to meet the needs of the particular students who enrol. So, if the description doesn’t sound quite right for you, let me know so that I can consider changing it to suit you better.


  1. Every enrolled student will get two 1:1 video calls (30 minutes each) with Meliors Simms so you can ask questions and get detailed, personalised answers. The earlier you enroll, the earlier you can book in for your 1:1 call
  2. Students who complete the course and assignments* will be featured in a Holistic Tooth Fairy Circle, introducing you to my mailing list of 3000+ potential clients

*Completion means watching all calls, completing both assignments and having online booking & payment systems set up.


Do I need to be an internet wizz to become an online oral health coach?

You do need to have a reliable internet connection but you don’t need to be an expert! We’ll teach you the basics you need for an online coaching business with lots of  support for you to practice and get comfortable with taking bookings and payments, hosting video calls, setting up an email list and marketing for free on social media.

When are the live calls scheduled?

Calls will be scheduled at different times to suit students in different time zones as well as the presenters in New Zealand/Australia. If it’s not possible for you to attend all the live calls, you can catch up by watching the call recordings.

How much time do I need to spend doing the course?

You’ll need about an hour a week to watch each class plus 20-30 minutes for activities at least 2.5 hours for each of the two assignments. Altogether you should plan to invest at least 25 hours over 12 weeks.

What happens if I change my mind or I am unable to complete the course?
  • I really do want to you to be happy with your investment in this course. If you decide its not right for you in the first 14 days, you can request a full refund (minus a $30 administration fee). After that, if your circumstances change and you are unable to complete the course, you can request a 50% refund before 30 August. 
I’m in New Zealand, does GST apply?

The Holistic Tooth Fairy operates out of Raglan, NZ so GST does apply for folks living here! However, because most of my audience is overseas, the advertised price on this page does not include GST.

New Zealand residents must choose the payment option that includes 15% GST. If you are a NZ resident and you do not select this option, you will be invoiced separately for GST.

GST does not apply for non-residents of New Zealand.  

Do I need to be on Facebook to participate in the Course Community discussions?

I try and avoid Facebook as much as possible, so this Course uses (Thinkific) to host the Course Community discussions as well as call recordings.


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