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Did you know that you can heal your teeth and gums with nutrition?
Five years ago I prevented what would have been my seventh root canal by changing my diet.
My inspiration was Cure Tooth Decay by Ramiel Nagel but I never followed the book strictly, due to the limitations of my own budget, local availability, preferences, intolerance or addictions.
Now I’ve written a brief summary of the main principles and most essential foods in Cure Tooth Decay to make it easier for you to find your own version of the teeth healing diet.
I created the Feed Your Teeth ebook to help you adapt the Cure Tooth Decay diet to suit your circumstances, whether you are vegan, broke, unable to access fresh produce or otherwise needing to compromise.

Feed your teeth

The teeth healing diet includes lots of animal protein in the form of grass-fed meat; organ meat especially liver; bone broth, raw dairy, and eggs along with fresh nutrient-dense vegetables and fruit.

Although grains, beans, nuts and seeds, sugar and processed foods are mostly harmful for teeth, it is often possible to improve your oral health just by adding the necessary nutrients without depriving yourself of foods you consider essential.

However, what works for my teeth, won’t necessarily work for yours. Every body’s body is different, and the causes of tooth decay are complex and personal. You will need to experiment and find the most effective strategies that work for you within your budget.

I recommend referring to my teeth healing food ladder in  my FREE ebook, Feed Your Teeth.  I created this e book both to summarize the main features of the teeth healing diet detailed in Cure Tooth Decay, and as a guide for interpreting it to suit your circumstances, whether you are vegan, broke, geographically unable to access fresh produce, or otherwise needing to compromise.

The trick is to eat as high on the ladder as you can afford and have access to and to avoid the teeth harming foods at the bottom of the ladder as much as possible.


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