Why I recommend Alternatives to Dentists

The Alternatives to Dentists course is a comprehensive introduction to herbal and self-help approaches to cure cavities and prevent tooth decay

I’m the kind of person who likes to make a thing myself, especially if it is a practical thing. I’m a DIYer around the house, a dressmaker, a life-long crafter and a cook-from-scratch food-growing gardener.

I would rather invest in learning a new skill than buying a new product. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that though I don’t have very much personal experience with different kinds of toothpaste or teeth cleaning gadgets  I can speak from personal experience about books and courses in alternative oral health, like this one that I recommend

Alternatives to Dentists is a video course from The Grow Network who offer a range of educational resources for home gardeners, homesteaders, preppers and folks interested in becoming more self-reliant with food and health in particular.

I’ve watched the video right through at least twice, transcribing extensive notes the second time. I refer back to my notes, and the the accompanying booklet frequently as I work with clients.

I consider it to be one of the more valuable resources in the limited pool of information for natural and self-help approaches to oral health.

That’s why I’m partnering with The Grow Network with their current course promotion. If you choose to purchase the course through a link on this page I may recieve a small payment. 

alternatives to dentists

What’s in Alternatives to Dentists?

The video demonstrates several strategies to help prevent tooth decay including how to assess the health of your own teeth, how to clean your teeth with a stick, and how to make a herbal toothpowder.  It also demonstrates a couple of different ways to heal an abscess in your mouth.

The teacher, Doug Simons, is a holistic healer who spent 20 years living with, and learning from indigenous  Tarahumara, the Tohono O’Odham, and Navajo in the Sonoran Desert and other wilderness areas in North America.  

The video quality is professional without being slick or glossy. It is filmed outside and the camera work is very steady and well lit. The sound quality is good (I especially enjoyed the ambient rooster crowing in the background). There are no flashy graphics or gimmicks and you won’t miss them. I felt like I was sitting in a clearing in the woods with Doug, learning in a very direct and accessible way. 


alternatives to dentists

Who is Alternatives to Dentists for?

If you are committed to plant-based diet and serious about your teeth health, this course is for you. You will learn about herbal supplements that can help your body to maintain teeth health without animal-sourced foods.

If you practice wild-crafting, foraging, camping or prepping for disaster survival in anywhere in North America, this is an excellent course for you. You will learn about where to find and how to identify a number of American plants with teeth healing properties.

If you are interested in herbal healing for yourself, your family or your clients, no matter where you live in the world, this is a great course for you. You will learn about herbs (which you can buy online as tinctures or dried herbs from anywhere) and techniques for using herbal remedies both for preventing tooth decay and dealing with dental problems.

If you are serious avoiding the dentist, this course is essential. You will learn practical strategies to manage dental problems ranging from small cavities to dental abscesses.

However, if you like your alternative remedies to be branded and packaged, this is probably not the course for you.

It’s ideal for folks who enjoy sometimes-messy DIY approaches to self care.


To find out more about Alternatives to Dentists click here.


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Hello! I'm Meliors Simms, the Holistic Tooth Fairy.

As a natural oral health coach I have worked with hundreds of clients worldwide to avoid unnecessary dental procedures and have better experiences with the necessary ones. (Find out about my coaching services here).

After a diverse career (from research to counselling to arts) and a lifetime of terrible teeth, I stumbled on an Alt Oral approach which prevented what would have been my 7th root canal.

That inspired years of independent research and experimentation, eventually resulting in my uniquely holistic approach to oral health.

My new book The Secret Lives of Teeth is a comprehensive guide to healing teeth and gums with metaphysical perspective. Read a sample here for free



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