Book Review: Dental Herbalism: Natural Therapies for the Mouth

by Leslie M Alexander and Linda A Straub-Bruce (2014)


Dental Herbalism deserves to be much more widely read than it seems to be, even within the small Alt-Oral books niche. Perhaps the name is off-putting for some, which is a shame because there is so much more in this comprehensive volume than just herbs.

There are chapters covering everything from ‘pregnancy, infants and toddlers’ to ‘tooth loss, replacement and orthodontics’.

There is also practical and reassuring advice about working with dental professionals, home oral hygiene practices and nutrition.


Alt oral book review


The two authors, a registered hygienist and a medical herbalist respectively, have written a detailed herbal materia medica for the mouth- their guide to using 41 different herbs (from Arnica to Yarrow) to effectively address 49 oral health conditions (from Acid Reflux to Xerostomia [dry mouth]).


Should you read it?

Backed with extensive scientific references and enhanced with helpful checklists, conversions and tables of correspondences, this is a book I wish I could have read thirty years ago.

With this book to hand, experienced herbalists can expand their repertoire of teeth and gum remedies, while those who are new to using herbs are guided to safely treat themselves and their families with easy-to-access herbal treatments.

The Secret Lives of Teeth cover

Learn how to interpret the metaphysical messages of your teeth and gum symptoms!

The Secret Lives of Teeth is a clear and comprehensive guide teaches you a unique, complementary self-help approach to easing toothaches, enhancing enamel and gum remineralization and getting better results with necessary dental treatments. 

Available as a paperback or ebook.

Has a dentist told you that your cavities or receding gums are your fault because you are drinking too much Coke, you don’t floss enough or you need to stop breastfeeding your baby? And you know that isn’t true!

I’m a natural oral health coach and I’m not going to blame you or shame you.
The underlying causes of your oral health issues are not your fault!

Nature or nurture, ancestry or environment, free will or systemic oppression, unconscious emotions or the degraded food system are the factors that make your teeth and gums vulnerable to disease.

Even though your tooth decay and gum disease is not your fault, it is within your power to change.

I can help you to turn your oral health around with natural strategies, healthy habits and intuitive insights. 

Alt oral book review

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